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In-Q-Tel is a nonprofit venture-capital group that represents the U.S. intelligence agencies. Its technical advisors identify and nurture tech start-ups designing innovations that have proven as resonant as they are standout. During this rigorous process, Interset’s security platform eclipsed all of its competitors emerging as the most complete, scalable security-software solution that can surface both compromised-account and insider attacks, while vastly reducing false positives.

Why IQT Chose Interset

Broadest Threat Coverage
Real Insider Threat Detection
Extensible Analytics
Best in class scalability

Fortune Article: IQT invests in Interset


“Interset uniquely combines mathematics in a scalable and extensible architecture to present analysts with inherently actionable and contextually rich notifications,” says Peter Kuper, Partner, IQT Investments. “The technology is creating new opportunities…to proactively surface emerging threats from vast data sets while minimizing the investigative burden on analysts.”

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Security Analytics Extensibility - The ability to ingest, correlate, analyze, detect and surface threats from multiple data sources, adding news ones as future threats emerge - means Interset can cover more use cases than the competition.  A core reason for the IQT investment.

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Quickly, accurately surface inside threats.

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